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Roger Sidler decided to become an independent historian after more than 20 years as a staff member at the Swiss Historical Encyclopedia.

As a historian, he works a lot with archives. He buries himself in research work and makes tangible and visible what was once there but is no longer accessible.

"I'm not that much of a computer person" is how he described himself during our first meeting. I took this as an inspiration for the whole design. What if a website was written purely with a typewriter.

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So I took as font a Monotype typewriter font and designed the layout so simple from left to right.

The logo shows at the same time the Enter sign on the keyboard as well as the forward and backward that makes a historian visible.

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Rueckblick web 2
Rueckblick iphone 1

In addition, I integrated the website into a CMS (Craft CMS), which can also be used by a non-computer person, and designed Word templates and business cards.

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My favourite Story: «Aufstieg & Fall des Riz Casimir»