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Kaspar Allenbach

Kaspar Allenbach

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«What if we were to explore our planet and boldly commit to it at the same time?»

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Regenerative tourism - as we envision it - enriches life. It fulfills ourselves, our guests and the wider ecosystem of stakeholders. Only benefiting our guests and damaging the fabric of life is a hallmark of the old logic. We want to move away from this. This kind of short-sightedness is no longer a viable business concept for tourism organizations and destinations that want to flourish in the coming years. We manage to combine enjoyment and regenerative sustainability.

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Innovation and sustainability are written in capital letters in all innovation papers and tourism strategies that have emerged in the last twelve months - but concrete content and explicit implementation have so far been completely absent.

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I was able to develop a branding concept for Linden 3L for the initiative in the tourism sector.


Regenerative Tourismu